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Welcome to the home of Integrated Martial Concepts. At IMC we provide you with the opportunity to become the best you can be. In today’s world where violence can show its face at anytime and when you least expect it, we will help you prepare for that time when you must defend yourself or your home and loved ones.

Fortune favors the prepared mind.  However we do live in society(s) with many regulations. Not all of the “administrative controls” i.e. rules are designed with our best interest at heart. Please remember our actions will be scrutinized quite harshly in fact, if we do not exercise some forethought and act accordingly beforehand.

At IMC we teach not only techniques, but concepts and scenarios to enable you to relate martial movement into your everyday activities. A constant state of “training” if you will. Proper planning and preparation will avert many a problem friends.

There is a path to walk, a better path a journey of self-development. Your path. Start today!

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