The knife, the reflection of our own light and darkness.

20170527_190900.jpgWe all have light and darkness within us. How could it be any other way? One without the other doesn’t exist in our reality. How could we know what night is if we didn’t have the day to compare it to? And so, it is with ourselves, to be one without the other is an out of balance equation.


That equation demands balancing of the light and dark sides of ourselves, a balance of the energies if you will. If you are angry all the time your energy is depleted, and you will flag easily. Conversely if you are always happy then the edge you need to go through life and complete your daily tasks, whatever they may be is dulled. The balance we must find is somewhere in the central part of ourselves. The gateways and paths that are ever-changing.


Balance is what is needed. A middle ground of sorts. A place to stand and survey our surroundings both physically and energetically. The human spirit is always seeking balance, a homeostasis. When we are unbalanced we are vulnerable to outside influences both good and bad.


Equilibrium in life gives us the stability needed to be able to decide what we let into our individual existence as there is both a time and place for dark and light. It is up each of us to wield the power of both responsibly. The use and carry of the knife is no different.


The knife is a tool and a weapon. The deciding factor is intent. The same knife can cut a box open full of toys for your children or grandchildren, or it can cut open the neck of an invader into your home trying to harm those same children or grandchildren.


Intent of how to use that power that each of us has demands thought and inner work. The knife is said to be one of our first tools, if not the first tool. Mankind’s oldest companion, a teacher, guardian, a guide to both the light and dark. A taker of life and a protector of life. It is the job as the leaders of your tribe/family to become comfortable with both uses. Training is key. Intent is key. Self-reflection is key.


Ask yourself what is my intent? I am I approaching life from a standpoint of fear? Am I holding that knife as a weapon or a tool? Am I aware of the legal system and the consequences that misuse of that intent will bring to my life and the life of my family? So many questions but ones that must be approached with a calm demeanor and forethought.


The knife has an edge with two sides, but also a point and a handle. Every one of the aspects of the knife teach us balance. To use the knife is to learn, if we have an open heart and an open mind to guide us as men and women of today. So many of us today get pulled in by the dark side, the violence of the human heart. Be wary my friends for the darkness will pull you in and ruin your life.


Use the knife with pure intent and you will be safe in your travels through this life-cycle. There is an old saying with many variations: “If your anger goes forth, withhold the knife. If the knife goes forth withhold your anger”.


Become the dark when needed but do not stay there for it will swallow you, diminishing your life as it has so many others. Fear not the dark but learn its ways so that awareness and knowledge will overcome the fear of action when it is needed. Be tempered in your actions, think ahead, train for that day that hopefully will never come. Live a life of peace, but prepare for war.




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  1. My instructor James Keating, noted expert in the field, has spoken these words in class. I am amazed at the synchronicity. I believe he speaks thusly in his you tube videos as well.


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