About IMC

What are the motivations for Integrated Martial Concepts? What drives us to create custom self defense options for the common man? Why do we do what we do, and always strive for personal excellence?
The answer is simple my friends, it is YOU! The days of depending on a martial arts/self defense program that were built on a mindset from another century and another country are over. Now you may have noticed that we said mindset here…
The mechanics of self defense /personal conflict were worked out and discovered long ago. That knowledge has been forgotten, rediscovered and made relevant for each period of time that it was needed.  At IMC we offer you, the individual, a “personal quest” to discover “your” art because really it is about you and your families safety.
Rediscover your power, it has always been there waiting for you to use it, not only in defense of self and family but to move you forward in whatever pursuits mark your journey through this life. The challenges of the 21st century are many, our programs will help you face those challenges no matter what they may be. Each student and small group(s) will always receive the best we can offer.
Thank you!

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